A new day starts. In 1960.
A skyline and a sunrise.
The ceiling and towards a window. Hmm, bright day! Let's start to live. Let's start to love.
"It is nonsense", says Reason.
Grey stairs door opens with a slam and the young sun hits the eyes. Immediately there's laser beams everywhere. Pink ones from (60's!) gorgious women and blue ones from sharp dressed men. Tumbling and hustling the corner of the street is reached.
"It is what it is", says Love.
The stones of the street. Looking up. A stunning mountain road ahead. A shooting start makes it a roller coaster. Mountains crumble and make it fun as 'we' are launched into the blue heaven. Morning, bird!
"It is nothing but pain", says Fear.
Splashed into the sea, spitting out some water, the next moment we are swallowed by a whale.
"It is hopeless", says Insight.
Two light beams being switched on onto the fleshy walls. An old love movie scene goes onto the seductive climax as we are spit out on a white beach. 
"It is careless", says Caution.
Wheezing and watching the sky we are slowly moved by the sand. (The year 2000.) Swinging beach party people exultate while we slip by under them.
"It is ridiculous", says Pride.
When one very sexy girl bows and closes her eyes as we do the same. 
"It is impossible", says Experience.
Next moment we drive onto a Time Square-like street. The recognizable headlights of the Mini and the reflection of the neons.
"It is what it is", says Love.
The Mini headlights are driven into a darker street, then sharply parked, and dimmed. 
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