Corporate VDO for custom furniture supplier [MMS]
1 corporate VDO smartly cut in 5 social clips
Script, Camera, Edit, Music, Voice-over
Pay-offs / Slogans [diversen]
De merkidentiteit gevat in één zin(netje).
Strategy, Concept, Copy
Web copy [various]
On the web time to strike is even shorter than offline. So it better be good!
Branding, Copywriting
Animatie & Whiteboard Videoscripts [o.a. Albert Heijn]
How to make difficult matters simple.
Strategy, Script, Copy
Social Media campaign [Roche]
Press bulletin, Bloggers message and YouTube video description.
Copywriting, Content Writing
Heading for ice cream ad in a yoga magazine
Hooking ads for film festival [Dutch Directors Guild]
Basing your message on a conceptual idea communicates so much better!
Concept, Copywriting, Art direction, Retouching, Visual Effects
Poem copy for lifestyle TV commercial [MINI]
'It is what it is'. Commisioned by MINI's European advertising agency BSUR.
Copy, copywriting
TV Commercials scripts for garden supplier [Koers]
Mayor projects, small garden needs. Koers supplies no matter how big you are.
Strategy, Concept, Script, Casting
Semi-editorial copy [Peter Diem]
A smart advertising concept in disguise.
Strategy, Concept, Branding, Copywriting, Press-bulletin, Content writing
Interview fashion couturier [Ronald Kolk]
Well-known dutch fashion designer Ronald Kolk needed a smart way to escape the endless routine of expensive shows but still continue design and make extraordinary fashion. We wrote an smart interview in his very own show-in-a-glossy transforming a distress into exclusive more-than-ever-attention for the clients.
Editorial Design, Copywriting, Journalism
Copy: fashion brands [Ronald Kolk a.o.]
Short copy and press bulletins with the goal to stand out! And so we did.
Strategy, Concept, Copywriting, Press-bulletin, Content writing
Web Design and Copy [The Wall of Shame]
Appropriate design for 'enfents terribles of the advertising scene' shooting the worst advertisements.
Art Direction, Visual/Graphic Design, Web Design, Copy
Editorial and column for a magazine
Editorial and column in glossy magazine.
Copywriting, Editorial copy, Column
Outdoor abri heading [Dirk]
In the middel of the early 00's crisis Dirk saw the sun shining bright: 'All goes well with the beurs [stock exchange = wallet]'
Concept, Copywriting
Concepts, Headings and Visuals for ads [Dirk]
Weekly offers promoted with a little joke.
Concept, Art direction, Copy
Headings liquor store ads [Dirck III]
TV commercials scripts and pay-offs [Crodino]
Sympathising the under-estimated soft-drink.
Concept, Copywriting
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