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Or just crazy ambitious.

Expo Concept and Design [JW]
An expo experience in line of the parallel main event Sail Amsterdam 2015.
Concept, Graphic Design, Social Concepts
Campaign for new cloud service [Davilex]
Concept, Art Direction, Copy, Motion Graphics
'Dutch master'-style personnel portrait [Bols]
For the anniversary of the world's oldest liquor distillery.
Art Direction, Styling, Photoshoot Direction
Retail concept 'Tailorism' [Scotch & Soda]
'Tailorism': kick off rumour-around-the-brand concept for the European flagship store in Amsterdam.
Art Direction, Illustration
Multimediacampagne voor wijnplatform [Vinoo]
Oerconservatief Wijnand de Wijlen Wijnprof trekt fel ten strijde tegen Europa's grootste wijndatabase. "Vinoo, no! No!!!"
Strategy, Concept, Copy, Film Direction, Campaign
Glossy magazine design [Ronald Kolk couture]
Unique show-in-a-glossy! Highlights and interview around Ronald Kolk's new way to do. Never done before. "Just Ronald Kolk! Just beau-ti-ful", said one guest.
Art Direction, Graphic Design
Brochure Concept and Design [Nieuwenhuis]
For a window film supplier. A corporate folder in disguise of a sample range.
Concept, Art Direction, Graphic Design
Recruitment campaign in disguise for IT'ers [Eliantie]
Amazing how receivers of this stickers loved to show it around!
Concept, Art Direction
Genuine pin-stripe brochure [Spinweb]
Never done before: a brochure with a real business pin stripe suite structure!
Concept, Art Direction, Graphic Design
Concept and Design for a change-of-address card [SRK]
A surprisingly applicable idea in two steps.
Concept, Graphic Design
Campaign for benefit concert [War Child]
The concert of the year. Incomes are given to War Child for the full 100%! 'The Armed Man' opera by Karl Jenkins in The World Forum Theatre, Den Haag.
Art Direction, Copy
Concept Advertentie [Cordaid]
Hoe je simpel en opvallend communiceert dat geld echt het verschil maakt.
Concept, Art Direction
Campaign concept, Poster & Brochure design [Winterthur]
Smart concept for selective moped insurance.
Concept, Art Direction, Graphic Design, Copy
Job offer ad [Winterthur]
How to stand out in between hundreds of job advertisements and show you're a employer fun to work with.
Concept, Art Direction, Copy
Tramvertising concept [Dirk supermarkets]
Fun with Dirk!
Concept, Art Direction, Copy
Concepts, Headings and Visuals for ads [Dirk]
Weekly offers promoted with a little joke.
Concept, Art direction, Copy
Boomerang cards [Adformatie]
For a campaign to invite creatives to upload their campaigns to be printed and spread on Boomerang cards.
Concept, Art direction, Copy
Mixed mediacampagne met enorme free publicity [Cordaid]
Een ver-van-mijn-bed-probleem dichtbij gehaald. Het nieuwe fundament voor goede-doelenmarketing.
Concept, Art Direction, Copywriting
DM met immense response [Hewlett Packard]
Direct mailing vermomd als bankafschrift met alleen maar bijschrijvingen. Een response van meer dan 80% was het buitengewone resultaat.
Concept, Art direction, Graphic Design
Club flyer 'painkiller' [RoXY]
A real good party makes you need painkillers next day!
Art Direction, Graphic Design
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