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Expo Concept and Design [JW]
An expo experience in line of the parallel main event Sail Amsterdam 2015.
Concept, Graphic Design, Social Concepts
Campaign for new cloud service [Davilex]
Concept, Art Direction, Copy, Motion Graphics
'Dutch master'-style personnel portrait [Bols]
For the anniversary of the world's oldest liquor distillery.
Art Direction, Styling, Photoshoot Direction
Retail concept 'Tailorism' [Scotch & Soda]
'Tailorism': kick off rumour-around-the-brand concept for the European flagship store in Amsterdam.
Art Direction, Illustration
[NL] Antivertising: wine snob against online platform
Europe's greatest wine database is not making friends with everyone! Winand the Once Wine Pro is raging against 'Everyone's an expert'. 'Vinoo No! No!!!
Strategy, Concept, Copy, Film Direction
Glossy magazine design [Ronald Kolk couture]
Unique show-in-a-glossy! Highlights and interview around Ronald Kolk's new way to do. Never done before. "Just Ronald Kolk! Just beau-ti-ful", said one guest.
Art Direction, Graphic Design
Brochure Concept and Design [Nieuwenhuis]
For a window film supplier. A corporate folder in disguise of a sample range.
Concept, Art Direction, Graphic Design
Recruitment campaign in disguise for IT'ers [Eliantie]
Amazing how receivers of this stickers loved to show it around!
Concept, Art Direction
Genuine pin-stripe brochure [Spinweb]
Never done before: a brochure with a real business pin stripe suite structure!
Concept, Art Direction, Graphic Design
Concept and Design for a change-of-address card [SRK]
A surprisingly applicable idea in two steps.
Concept, Graphic Design
[NL] Campaign for benefit concert [War Child]
The concert of the year. Incomes are given to War Child for the full 100%! 'The Armed Man' opera by Karl Jenkins in The World Forum Theatre, Den Haag.
Art Direction, Copy
Flip around ad for charity [Cordaid]
How to communicate that your money really makes a difference.
Concept, Art Direction
Campaign concept, Poster & Brochure design [Winterthur]
Smart concept for selective moped insurance.
Concept, Art Direction, Graphic Design, Copy
[NL] Job offer ad [Winterthur]
How to stand out in between hundreds of job advertisements and show you're a employer fun to work with.
Concept, Art Direction, Copy
Tramvertising concept [Dirk supermarkets]
Fun with Dirk!
Concept, Art Direction, Copy
[NL] Concepts, Headings and Visuals for ads [Dirk]
Weekly offers promoted with a little joke.
Concept, Art direction, Copy
Boomerang cards [Adformatie]
For a campaign to invite creatives to upload their campaigns to be printed and spread on Boomerang cards.
Concept, Art direction, Copy
Shockvertising: DM case with free publicity! [Cordaid]
Statement of the century: is it not that bad if it happens far away?
Concept, Art Direction
DM case with immense response [Hewlett Packard]
Direct mailing in disguise as a bank statement with only crediting. A response of about 80% was the exceptional result.
Concept, Art direction, Graphic Design
Club flyer 'painkiller' [RoXY]
A real good party makes you need painkillers next day!
Art Direction, Graphic Design
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