Promo video for Cocktail Jazz album
Film, Cinematography
Promo VDO exhibition [Peter Diem]
2 legends reviewed by a 3rd giant artist
Script, Edit, Music, Voice-over
Lifestyle Video bespoke maatpakken [Virum]
2 corporate video's slim inzetbaar als 6 social posts
Camera, Edit, Music
Impression VDO of TV interview RTL4 health product
1 short VDO smartly cut in 4 social clips
Camera, Edit, Music
Impression VDO real estate stylist
1 corporate VDO smartly cut in 3 social clips
Camera, Edit, Music
Master Class Impression VDO for photographer
1 corporate VDO smartly cut in 3 social clips
Camera, Edit, Music
Style VDO for skater
1 lifestyle VDO smartly cut in 2 social clips
Camera, Edit, Music
Wedding showreel 2018
Your most beautiful day deserves the most beautiful VDO!
Camera, edit, Music
Corporate VDO for custom furniture supplier [MMS]
1 corporate VDO smartly cut in 5 social clips
Script, Camera, Edit, Music, Voice-over
Promotional interviews VDO [ICI]
For specialists in competitive intelligence business.
Camera, Edit
Reports VDO's for institutional cooperation goals [KRW]
The successful story of cooperation amongst institutes in the Fish Road Map by KRW and Nature at Work.
Camera, Edit
Animatie & Whiteboard Videoscripts [o.a. Albert Heijn]
How to make difficult matters simple.
Strategy, Script, Copy
TV Commercials scripts for garden supplier [Koers]
Mayor projects, small garden needs. Koers supplies no matter how big you are.
Strategy, Concept, Script, Casting
Web VDO campaign with upset wine snob [Vinoo]
A protest movement initiated by old-fashioned Winand the Once Wine Pro against Europe's largest online wine database Vinoo.
Strategy, Concept, Script, Direction, Edit, Music
Workshops Logo Design en Gastcolleges
Impressievideo over de aanstekelijke en geestverruimende energie van Johans workshops.
Video Edit, Trainer, Inspirator, Motivator
Event promo VDO [Diem & Concertgebouw Orchestra]
Modern painter makes mess out of classic string salon concerto.
Strategy, Script, Direction, Music
TV commercials national football league [Eredivisie]
Really éveryone's longing for the new football season! Dutch premier football league is about to start soon....
Concept, Script, Casting, Art direction
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