Expo Concept and Design [JW]
An expo experience in line of the parallel main event Sail Amsterdam 2015.
Concept, Graphic Design, Social Concepts
Campaign for new cloud service [Davilex]
Concept, Art Direction, Copy, Motion Graphics
Boekdesign [Bols]
's Werelds nr. 1 bartenders-cursus!
Art Direction, Graphic Design, Book Design, Graphics & Infographics Design
Street sign Design for authentic distillery [Bols]
For the world's #1 genever (spirit) brand. Design blending in into the ancient city centre of Amsterdam.
Graphic Design, Sign Design
Coffee cup print Design [BAM]
A conceptual idea to stand out rather than just a play with shapes and colours.
Concept, Design
Print campaign Design [MINI Europe]
Design directions for the European campaign commissioned by MINI Europe's agency BSUR.
Graphic Design
Brochure Design [TSI]
Design within strict limitations ('no images') of an international online assessment tools organisation.
Art Direction, Graphic Design
Genuine pin-stripe brochure [Spinweb]
Never done before: a brochure with a real business pin stripe suite structure!
Concept, Art Direction, Graphic Design
Packaging Design
A.o. Blooming Spices, Monkey Bread and Resocard
Art Direction, Graphic Design, Packaging design, Photoshop
Brochure Concept and Design [Nieuwenhuis]
For a window film supplier. A corporate folder in disguise of a sample range.
Concept, Art Direction, Graphic Design
Folder & Brochure Design
A.o. Ericsson, Winterthur, LAR, Ronald Kolk
Design, Graphic Design, Print Design
Newsletter Design
LAR, TIP Connect
Advertising, Graphic Design, Print Design
Campaign concept, Poster & Brochure design [Winterthur]
Smart concept for selective moped insurance.
Concept, Art Direction, Graphic Design, Copy
Ericsson: extendible folder
Boys like to play. And with that fact in mind I proposed a folder that hold the attention for a while and was difficult to throw away.
Branding, Graphic Design, Print Design
Illustrations and paintings
Educated at the Art Lyceum in Italy.
Drawing, Fine Arts, Illustration
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