Expo Concept and Design [JW]
An expo experience in line of the parallel main event Sail Amsterdam 2015.
Concept, Graphic Design, Social Concepts
Packaging and Logo Design [Monkey Bread]
For a West-African soft drinks brand.
Logo Design, Graphic Design, Packaging Design
Campaign for new cloud service [Davilex]
Concept, Art Direction, Copy, Motion Graphics
Boekdesign [Bols]
's Werelds nr. 1 bartenders-cursus!
Art Direction, Graphic Design, Book Design, Graphics & Infographics Design
Street sign Design for authentic distillery [Bols]
For the world's #1 genever (spirit) brand. Design blending in into the ancient city centre of Amsterdam.
Graphic Design, Sign Design
Coffee cup print Design [BAM]
A conceptual idea to stand out rather than just a play with shapes and colours.
Concept, Design
Print campaign Design [MINI Europe]
Design directions for the European campaign commissioned by MINI Europe's agency BSUR.
Graphic Design
Brochure Design [TSI]
Design within strict limitations ('no images') of an international online assessment tools organisation.
Art Direction, Graphic Design
Genuine pin-stripe brochure [Spinweb]
Never done before: a brochure with a real business pin stripe suite structure!
Concept, Art Direction, Graphic Design
Packaging Design [Resocard]
Health products made life style by design.
Art Direction, Graphic Design, Packaging design, Photoshop
Brochure Concept and Design [Nieuwenhuis]
For a window film supplier. A corporate folder in disguise of a sample range.
Concept, Art Direction, Graphic Design
Folder & Brochure Design
A.o. Ericsson, Winterthur, LAR, Ronald Kolk
Design, Graphic Design, Print Design
Newsletter Design
LAR, TIP Connect
Advertising, Graphic Design, Print Design
Campaign concept, Poster & Brochure design [Winterthur]
Smart concept for selective moped insurance.
Concept, Art Direction, Graphic Design, Copy
Ericsson: extendible folder
Boys like to play. And with that fact in mind I proposed a folder that hold the attention for a while and was difficult to throw away.
Branding, Graphic Design, Print Design
Illustrations and paintings
Educated at the Art Lyceum in Italy.
Drawing, Fine Arts, Illustration
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