New name extracted from 'Meulenberg', which means Mill mountain. And a clear, strong and energising visual emphasising that.
And yet another name and logo for a slightly Milltain related coaching company, Vitality burn-out coaching.
Strong, furniture-like and premium. Those are the ingredients for the of this custom furniture supplier.
Trustfull yet fresh in approach, this insurance company.
Photographer's representation.
A strong update for this well-known administration software supplier.
Fresh-keeping boxes captured in a logo.
Suggestive translation of the company's name.
A creative yet recognisable variation on the famous capitol crosses for this construction contractor.
The 3 departments of a solid financial advisor.
Authority and reliability is what you'd like to expect from a legal assistance insurance.
Internet identity guaranteed as your own fingerprint. (1 of 2)
(2 of 2) Literally since everyone gets his own unique version of the logo!
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