Lifestyle video bespoke maatpakken [Virum]
2 corporate video's slim inzetbaar als 6 social posts
Camera, Edit, Music
Logo Design [various]
Zo divers als onze brands zijn, zo onderscheidend zijn hun visual identities
Branding, Graphic Design, Logo Design
UX en Web Design en Uitvoering [MMS]
Premium uitstraling en UX voor deze maatwerk meubelmaker.
Strategy, Wireframing/Prototyping, UX Design, Visual/Graphic Design, Web Design, Execution
Animatie & Whiteboard videoscripts [o.a. Albert Heijn]
Complexe informatie simpel gemaakt
Strategy, Script, Copy
Cinemagraphs [Unleash]
Surrealistic alienating visual effect communicating the releasing result caused by these trainer coaches.
Concept, Art Direction, Photoshoot Direction, Edit/Execution
Web Design for musicians platform [ProMusic Creator]
The ambience of fun and ambition during the music making process translated in a graphic design.
Concept, Art Direction, Visual/Graphic Design, Web Design
Course book Design [Bols]
The world's #1 bartenders course!
Art Direction, Graphic Design, Book Design, Graphics & Infographics Design
Concept, Web Design and Copy [WOA!]
How to kick-start a very expressive agency in the brand building world... With a bold bang indeed!
Concept, Art Direction, Visual/Graphic Design, Web Design
Web banner Design [MINI]
Design of a 3-step banner for Mini. Through agency BSUR.
Visual/Graphic Design, Web Design
[NL] Antivertising: wine snob against online platform
Europe's greatest wine database is not making friends with everyone! Winand the Once Wine Pro is raging against 'Everyone's an expert'. 'Vinoo No! No!!!
Strategy, Concept, Copy, Film Direction
Flip around ad for charity [Cordaid]
How to communicate that your money really makes a difference.
Concept, Art Direction
Promo VDO for workshop [OUT&NAAR]
A dazzling promo VDO for the Logo Design workshop master and his energising mind.
Video Edit
Pay-offs / Statements [various]
Touching the brand's very heart in one phrase. For decades now!
Strategy, Concept, Copy
Shockvertising: DM case with free publicity! [Cordaid]
Statement of the century: is it not that bad if it happens far away?
Concept, Art Direction
DM case with immense response [Hewlett Packard]
Direct mailing in disguise as a bank statement with only crediting. A response of about 80% was the exceptional result.
Concept, Art direction, Graphic Design
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